I could not be happier as a Daytona Beach photographer. Born in Osseo, Minnesota, I relocated to Florida after to many years of extremely cold winters. Just jumped in a van with my best friend, Scott, and hitchhiked to Daytona Beach with him, where I became up a professional Daytona Beach photographer ... becoming increasingly successful.

Schooled in skills as a graphic artist, I begun capturing photographs in 1975. As a commercial Daytona photographer, I explored a world of interpretation with photography unlike any other. What a magnificent life I live, the distances I have traveled - and the people I've encountered ... Working  as a photographer in Daytona Beach, Florida, photographing for magazines as a Florida professional photographer, meeting face-to-face President Gerald Ford, Senator Bob Graham and Florida Charlie Crist Governors and Jeb Bush... I personally met NASCAR's famous racing legends - Buddy Baker, Richard Petty and Smokey Yunick, to name a significant few.

Things I have been privileged to see - dolphins riding waves, for instance - were enchanting to Brook Shields when we photographed with her on the sunny beaches in Florida.

Aerial photography is a forte that gives the term "bird's eye view" new connotation and overview. I have soared at tree-top level and grazed 6-foot waves while photographing aerial photos from helicopters. I captured Florida's unrivaled golf courses with Arnold Palmer, David Duvall, and Jack Nicholas ... and I observed Vince Carter palm a basketball. I boastfully answered in acknowledging when General Norman Schwarzkopf asked if I was "the photographer in charge." I seized a rare quiet juncture with harmonious Jazz musician Benny Goodman backstage and captured Lou Rawls singer/songwriter backstage in his homestead of Chicago.

I have roamed the Keys, the Bahamas and Mexico. I've internationally traveled across Europe, and flew all over the United States to photograph CEO's portraits, corporate conferences, manufacturing products and glorious locations including the Grand Canyon. I scuba dove on the magnificent reefs in the world - Belize, Cozumel, the Keys ... And as a professional commercial photographer here in Florida, I explored life near the water - diving, boating, the surf and the sun. I worked with nationally acclaimed interior designers and with Florida's foremost builders, admiring their fine selections of color and impeccable homes. Interior design photography in Florida is a concentration of mine. My professional food photography is well acknowledged, and I welcome and work well with food stylists, chefs, makeup artists and models. I welcome supervision from art directors, artists, marketing managers and other creative talents who accompany me on location to take a quick look through the lens.

It's an inspiring and advantageous life. Not a day goes by that the clear artistic junctures of my every-day spirit don't stop me in my tracks - and softly remind me to always live with affection and existence.

I welcome artistic challenges as a Daytona Beach photographer and continue my education in Photoshop to warrant my clients the best touch up of digital photography and complete design are always at the topmost level - the finest I can do. My most fulfilling adept moments are when a client approaches me excited beyond belief with the final results. In the phone book, you won't find me. Instead, I promote to build a fortunate career as a Daytona Beach professional photographer with referrals from content and satisfied customers...